Investigations…A Quest For the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

Imagine, if you will…

You are summoned to the office of your supervisor.  Once there, you are invited to have a seat, at which point your supervisor proceeds to tell you that s/he has received a complaint against you and goes into a spiel of what the complaint persists of.  You sit there, mouth agape, as you listen to what you know is NOT the complete truth of what actually transpired that warranted having a complaint filed against you.  You offer your side of the story but it falls on deaf ears.  You request the opportunity to confront your accuser face to face in a mediated meeting but that request is denied.  So, your supervisor proceeds to tell you that you will receive a written reprimand that will go into your personnel file, all of this based on a one-sided story.  What do you do?  Sign the reprimand and allow it to be filed?  Refuse to sign the reprimand and face the possibility of further action, such as suspension or possibly even termination?  Request a meeting with your supervisor’s supervisor, only to be denied that request as well?

Having assisted with facility investigations for many years, I can tell you with certainty that there are ALWAYS two sides to every story.  You can NOT and will NOT get to the truth by hearing only one person’s version or account of events.  You can NOT be biased while conducting an investigation.  The only way to complete one fairly is to be unbiased and impartial, and be willing to listen to everyone and every single detail.  Failure to do so breeds contempt and distrust.  Whether the investigation consisted of youth vs. youth, youth vs. staff, or outside source vs. facility staff, getting to the truth and resolving the issue was always the number one, most important factor.

Which is why I am beyond disappointed that Trump refused to release the Democrats rebuttal memo to the Republicans/Nunes memo, citing “national security concerns,” , further stating that the rebuttal was “too political and too long,” and also “needs heavy redactions.”  He did, however, say that he would “consider” releasing it once the requested changes were made.  Yet he had no problem declassifying the one written by Nunes and even stated “I am 100% going to release it,” before even reading it!  And before you argue that “he didn’t say that!”  Yes, he did, on camera and on an open mike, while he shook hands with Jeff Duncan following the State of the Union address.  I saw it and heard it with my own eyes and ears!  Still don’t believe me?  Take a listen to this:

You’re probably thinking right about now that I’m a Democrat defending my party.  Of that assumption, you would be wrong!  I am a Republican, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with, or support, what other Republicans do, including the POTUS – because I don’t.  And even if you are a Trump supporter, you should be disturbed by his refusal to release the rebuttal memo!  Are you truly satisfied only hearing one side of the story and not getting the FULL truth?  Don’t you WANT to know the WHOLE story and what’s really going on?

With all the hype surrounding #RELEASETHEMEMO, I was expecting to read something that would blow my socks off, or fill me full of surprise and/or shock.  In my opinion, the memo was more than a little underwhelming, like lighting a firecracker and expecting a huge BOOM! but instead getting a pfffffft….a real dud filled with useless and ineffective gunpowder.  My question is this….where’s all the hype for #RELEASETHEREBUTTAL????  Why aren’t we seeing the same amount of outrage that we saw with the Nunes memo?  And why isn’t that same rage ravaging through social media like a wildfire, like the first one did?

Let me tell you something.  If you’re going to make damaging accusations against a person or an institution such as Nunes did, then you’d darn well better be ready to prove those accusations and have ownership of said proof to back up your claim.  Anything other than proof is conjecture and speculation.  You don’t take a document that can run anywhere from 30-75 pages and turn it into a 4-page memo, cherry-picking areas of interest that you might THINK or FEEL will pique the public’s interest, or what they might want to see or read.  If you want people to know the truth, the WHOLE truth, then you should be willing to show the entirety of that drawn conclusion and let the people decide for themselves instead of hooking them by the nose and leading them to the answer that you WANT them to have.

Which is exactly what the rebuttal memo IS, but its release is being blocked, so you’ll never know what REALLY happened, what is REALLY documented in all of those files and requests.  You know, things like WHY the FISA application was requested in the first place, the fact that it was renewed three times by different judges each time, all of the information and documents needed to show why a FISA warrant was needed, all of which are extremely important tidbits of information that Nunes FAILED to mention, or worse, deliberately omitted.  Add to that the fact that he passed this information on to his staff to author the memo based on documents that he didn’t even take the time to read for himself!!!  In my book, releasing one memo but not the other shows extreme bias, with conclusions being drawn on a one-sided argument.  Trust me when I tell you that a one-sided argument can NEVER be won, except in the eyes of the one doing the arguing and to them, they’ve won.

If President Trump truly is innocent of any wrong-doing and has nothing to hide, then he needs to take a step back and let the investigative team do their jobs, complete the investigation, and either prove or disprove his innocence.  It’s that simple.  That’s what investigations are for.  Unless, of course, you believe that the Department of Justice and the FBI are biased and corrupt, as Devin Nunes has proclaimed, then it really doesn’t matter because I’m sure your mind is already made up.  Case point:  if I was in his shoes and being accused of something that I know I didn’t do, I would WANT the investigation to be completed so that I could be cleared of any and all allegations and of any wrong-doing!

Personally speaking, I do not believe the DOJ or the FBI are corrupt, nor do I think they’re on a witch hunt.  For this type of investigation to be opened up, there had to be an allegation of wrong-doing somewhere along the way.  Investigators don’t just pull accusations out of their magic hats and begin looking into allegations without a reason.  There was a time when the FBI was one of the most highly-esteemed and respected law enforcement agencies in the country.  To me, they still are.  Maybe it’s because it was a lifelong dream of mine to work for the FBI, or perhaps it’s because of the way David Boreanaz portrayed FBI Special Agent Seely Booth on Bones, or possibly because they have absolutely no reason to be biased or show favoritism while conducting an investigation.  What could, or would, they possibly gain by that?  If you feel it necessary to show contempt toward them and badmouth them, you certainly have the right to do so.  But while you’re doing that, keep in mind all of the things they do on a daily basis without your knowledge that keeps you safe!  Things like using intel they’ve collected to thwart terrorist attacks, breaking up child pornography rings, or human trafficking…shall I go on?  With that said, if you want to be one of those that continually debases the FBI and its agents, you are certainly free to do so.  But when all of the negativity towards them results in people no longer trusting them and believing every negative thing that they hear, whether it’s true or not, then don’t complain the next time that our country suffers a devastating attack at the hands of those hell-bent on destroying us and our country!

By the way, my opening paragraph wasn’t a hypothetical – it was a true story, and it happened to me.  I knew that what I was being accused of wasn’t true, not even close, and I WANTED it investigated, I WANTED to face my accuser and have them make the same allegation to me personally so that I could call them out on their bald-faced lie!  But I was denied that opportunity.  I initially refused to sign the reprimand.  The more I considered it, the angrier I got, because I knew that my signature meant that I agreed with the allegations and was willing to accept the charges against me without the opportunity to rebut.  I also knew that if I started running my mouth, which I am prone to do because I do not back away nor do I back down, it would only make matters worse.  So, I bit my tongue, swallowed my pride, and added my own notation before signing it.  “I’m only signing this because I was told that if I didn’t, I would be suspended or worse.  These allegations are lies but I was denied the chance to tell my side of the story.”

Until next time, take care and God Bless!



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I am a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and aunt. I worked for nearly 30 years in the field of law enforcement, but am now retired. I'm originally a southern girl, born and raised in Pahokee, Florida, land of black muck, Lake Okeechobee and the heart of the Glades. I now reside in Clarksville, Indiana and love seeing the change of seasons, the cold weather and blankets of snow. I love writing....blogs, short stories, poetry, and I just finished my first novel, entitled Animus, and hope to have it published.
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