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I am a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and aunt. I worked for nearly 30 years in the field of law enforcement, but am now retired. I'm originally a southern girl, born and raised in Pahokee, Florida, land of black muck, Lake Okeechobee and the heart of the Glades. I now reside in Clarksville, Indiana and love seeing the change of seasons, the cold weather and blankets of snow. I love writing....blogs, short stories, poetry, and I just finished my first novel, entitled Animus, and hope to have it published.


It took me several months to write this book, and when I did, I never imagined that a REAL hurricane would threaten the U.S. the same day the book was released!!!  I almost felt guilty about the coincidence, but I … Continue reading

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Why I Opted for Non-Traditional Publishing

Writing stories isn’t something that I recently decided to do.  I’ve been doing it ever since I could hold a pencil!  In fact, when my kids were younger, I used to write short stories for them for the sole purpose … Continue reading

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I’m A Published Author!!!

On July 1, 2018, I was able to share some excellent news with my family and friends so that they could celebrate my dream come true with me.  After many years of submissions and rejections, I have finally achieved my … Continue reading

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Coping with Anxiety and/or Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety or a feeling of anxiousness can be a good thing, such as that rush of adrenaline you feel in the pit of your stomach when receiving a passionate kiss, or the excitement of meeting your favorite celebrity, or even … Continue reading

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God Is Crying

My heart is heavy, weighted down by sadness and grief over what we, the human race, have allowed ourselves to become.  And I can’t help but wonder if the damage is irreparable, or if it is capable of mending, how … Continue reading

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After Midnight (short story)

Dave Rainier clocked in for his evening shift, placed his time card back in the allotted slot, then made his way down the long corridor towards the security desk where he would be stationed for the night, the clicking of … Continue reading

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The Life of Andi Jo Baldridge (A Tribute)💖🌹

Family and friends know about my granddaughter, Andi Jo, but what they don’t know is her story.  I’ve been wanting to write about her for a long time now, but out of respect for Courtney, I wouldn’t.  The last thing … Continue reading

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